Comedy Stage Hypnosis Training - Auckland 2020

  • Become a certified stage Hypnotist
  • Learn the skills to put together a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show that makes the average weeks income in one night
  • Get paid to travel the country performing shows in towns all over New Zealand and/or Internationally
  • Learn advanced hypnotic skills & NLP techniques which you can use in your Hypnotherapy clinic
  • Learn Hypnotic language patterns for persuasion

In this 2 day master class, Ian Blaine will teach you all you need to know to put your own Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show together. Including: Marketing, who are your customers, how to entertain a paying audience, what is pretalk and why do it, learn new inductions and which ones to use on stage and why, classic skits and routines and why we use them, how to create your own original skits and routines, different shows for different audiences - Ian Blaine will show you through his 3 types of shows and when to use which one for what client. Training in Auckland:

  • Saturday 10am - 5pm
  • Saturday 7pm Live show
  • Sunday 10am - 5pm

Training includes watching Ian Blaine perform a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show live in front of a paying audience on the Saturday evening.

Early bird special $395
Normal Price $495
Prerequisite: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Recommended: Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP

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